Note My name is Diva Mistress. If you do not know what a Diva is then I have explained it for you so you donít have to look it up in a dictionary yourself.

Now that you understand what the word DIVA means,
This is what the word MISTRESS Means

When you stick these two words together you see that I am an ultimate Mistress who will have Her way.

If you wish to serve  Diva Mistress as a Pro-Domina then you will serve Me with generous tributes.


I am not a fake - I am real.
I am a dream come true!

I desire a perfection you cannot achieve, so you shall strive to reach greatness,  just to hear Me say you were a good sub.

I understand that you are worthless but your wallet may make it worth My trouble. No, I am not a shallow Lady looking to take all your money. I am a real Diva Mistress. No matter how much money you  shall be obedient and quick to serve any whim I may have.  If you behave well and I take a fondness to you I may I allow you to give Me all your worldly goods. I am not very materialistic so you must give of your heart, mind and body.

Are you good enough for Me to have an interest?  I want kindness, obedience, honesty, one who is faithful, confident, light-hearted,  funny, one who shares My fondness for dogs, and a man that has great manners.

If you are an alcoholic  or have a drug issue, 
close this page now because you will never be what I want.

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It is after all, all about the Diva Mistress.
Show your desire to serve or to be Mine.
I grant you permission to send Me a trinket.
Looking at the varied items I desire
can teach you much -  or confuse the hell out of you.
My Wish List

If you send a gift, you may then beg for My attention


This is a great video about a Diva











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